Booth Page will STAY LIVE for 12 months.

Back To School Virtual Vendor Booth

Back to School Virtual Vendor Booth includes:

  • Designated Virtual Expo Booth Business Page
  • Links to websites, social media channels
  • Uploaded videos, pdf's and contact forms
  • Live Chat capabilities during the Expo and contact forms available during and thereafter.
  • Virtual Booth remains visible on the designated Virtual Expo page for 12 months.

Once payment has been received, you will be contacted Keri Seay Events to acquire your information and uploads to create your booth.

Be prepared to provide the following (including but not limited to):

  • logo
  • website address, social media addresses
  • business address and phone
  • product/service category
  • products/services to present or sell during this event
  • marketing/graphic material
Why $75 for a virtual booth? Our marketing firm’s fee is $75 per hour. This firm will create, host and manage each booth. We have agreed to the fee of one hour for each business, however understand and accept that this endeavor will most definitely require more. Booths are being offered at a significant discount.

Please contact us at 843.327.0813 or if you encounter any issues with registering your booth for this Virtual Event.


We customize each booth to include photos, videos, downloadable PDF’s, product purchases, social media links, company info and more. Each booth stays live for 12 months as requested. Each business has their own Chat Messenger to engage real time with visitors, as well as a customized Contact Form sent directly to your inbox.


Keri Seay Events is a Event Planning Company based in Charleston, South Carolina. We work with corporations as well as individuals who desire memorable, relaxed, and well-planned events.


Keri Seay Events is an event planning company that specializes in business and social events. Working alongside you we are able to create, coordinate and implement your ideal event. Our experience with weddings, social events, networking events, educational seminars as well as large business Expos enables us to think outside of the box and avoid the pitfalls that can be associated with planning and implementation.


We love what we do and it shows in our results. There are really no limits to the time and dedication that we put in for each event large or small.

We work with individuals and businesses as a result we specialize in:

Corporate Event Coordinating

Corporate Event Planning

Fundraiser Event Planning

Professional Party Planning

Special Event Coordinating

Wedding Design

Wedding Planning


Keri Seay Events is local, experienced, dependable, and competitively priced.

We have over 25 years of event planning, coordination and implementation experience resulting in numerous successful events and satisfied clients. Keri Seay Events enjoys working with small parties as well as the coordination and implementation of large events. There is nothing too small or too large for our organization and our partners.



Are you in need of educational seminars, real estate property viewing parties, business meeting setups, training week/weekend events, or holiday parties? If so, than Keri Seay Events is ready to assist you at a fair price.

  • Corporate Event Coordinating and Planning
  • Fundraiser Event Planning
  • Professional Party Planning


Keri Seay Events works closely with Naked Marketing, LLC to ensure that we are effective at not only planning, coordinating, and implementing an Expo/Show but also on how to advise the marketing of this event.

Thank you Robert O’Brien of Off the Page Video for this great summary of our event.


Galas, fundraisers and corporate events are an opportunity to create an experience for your guests. We coordinate these events to be full of entertainment, which with our expertise can include endless dimensions. The possibilities are endless!


Keri Seay Events understands how special this day is to not only the bride and groom, but to the whole family. We are very careful to ensure that all details are followed to make this an unforgettable, beautiful day to remember.

  • Wedding Design
  • Wedding Planning
  • Day of Event Coordinating

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