Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. All eyes will be on you! Enjoy every minute of it by trusting us with all or part of the many details that go into creating a beautiful, magical experience and a lasting memory. Our team of absurdly organized, exceptionally business savvy, super fun and enthusiastic event planners will create a custom planning package around the level of involvement that suits you. Complete all the planning on your own, then celebrate with peace of mind while we execute them according to your instructions. Or let us handle everything from beginning to end, so all you have to do is show up and smile!

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Keri Seay Events with Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique

Constance Watters/ Owner of Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique

From Connie:

My name is Constance Watters and I am the owner and sole employee of Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique.  I am a self-taught baker who loves to learn from watching others!  I began my journey when I got married in 2008.  My husband was in the Navy and I moved from South Carolina to Washington state to begin our lives together.  Being just married, we had little money, and only one car.  So, I spent most of my days watching Food Network, and dreaming of the day I could be one of those amazing chefs.

While I was out in Washington, I took the very first Wilton Method class and spent my time learning the very basics of making cakes and decorating them.  Since then, I have not had any formal lessons or training (I like to think that the good Lord gave me a gift!).

Fast forward 2 years and we are back in South Carolina and starting a family.  We now have 3 children and they are my inspiration.  They are my heart and I love making them happy by baking them delicious treats!

I formally became a retail business in January of 2015.  I now operate in the state of South Carolina as a home-based bakery.

Keri Seay Events with Sugar Magnolia Cake Boutique

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