2020’s SEAFOOD COMPETITION Participants

Hooked On The South

Taste My Garlic Crabs

BigMEAT  – 2019’s Seafood Festival of Charleston 2nd Place Winner


We sold over 800 tickets in 2019 for the 1st Year of this Festival!
We expect to double those numbers this August!
THANK YOU for your support Charleston, SC!

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FOOD VENDORS – Register to be considered as a participant in 2020’s event. Please note food vendors interested in participating will do so Free of Charge, however will be required to donate a 3oz. seafood dish sample for all ticket holders for the entire length of the festival. You will be permitted to sell food on-site as well.

  • Samples will be judged for the Seafood Competition.
  • We will limit same dish samples.
  • A limited number of food vendors will be accepted.

*Note – We will consider non-seafood competition food vendors, however there will be a vendor fee for non-participating businesses.

Sponsors & Vendors Register for 2020’s Event!

Seafood Competition Vendor - $0 fee, must provide 3oz sample size of seafood competition dish for event patrons. May sell full sized portions of any dish on site.
Non-Seafood Competition Food Vendor- $175 fee, limit of 1 seafood dish on selling menu. May sell all other food on site.
Non-Food Vendor - $250 fee. Must be approved prior to being accepted.
We will contact you to discuss sponsorship options.