Ruth Jordan, City of Charleston

Ruth serves as the Manager of the City of Charleston’s Woman and Minority Business Enterprise Office-providing comprehensive business resources in support of woman and minority businesses and expanding entrepreneurial opportunities to do Business with the City of Charleston and the Region. She develops and implement programs and workshops to help support and create sustainable women and minority owned businesses. She believes that entrepreneurship is a “Community Sport” and we all must play a part to help launch and grow small businesses.

Ruth served as a Senior Consultant with Williams & Associates Consulting Services LLC for 10 years assisting minority businesses with local, state and federal contracting and services opportunities. Ruth has held numerous executive positions during her career; Interim CEO of Fetter Health Care Network, Federal Contracting Officer, Voter Empowerment Director and Chairman of Charleston County School District.

She is a graduate of Charleston Southern University and many other professional schools of thoughts. She has also served on numerous boards and commissions.