We had an estimate of 600 people walk the floor for this 1st Year Event in 2019 and we are already working on
2020’s event to be held on Sunday, August 9, 2020 and have over 7000 interested party goers.
THANK YOU for your support Charleston, SC!

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FOOD VENDORS – Pre-register to be considered as a participant in 2020’s event. Please note food vendors interested in participating Fee Free will be required to donate a 2oz. seafood dish sample for all ticket holders for the entire length of the festival. Samples will be judged for the Seafood Competition. We will limit same dish samples. A limited number of food vendors will be accepted.

*Note – We will consider non-seafood competition food vendors, however there will be a vendor fee for non-participating businesses.

Sponsors & Vendors Pre-Register for 2020’s Event!

This is a form of interest. This is not binding by either party at this time.