Our events draw 600–1,000 guests. We market our events extensively through many platforms, increasing the odds of reaching more of the niche market whose attention you’re trying to capture. Our marketing efforts include radio, TV, at times – billboards, ads in local publications, yard signs and outside magazines and newspapers, all of which are expensive.

What better way to be in front of hundreds if not a thousand or more people, reaching the demographic that will positively impact your business and increase your bottom line and name recognition?

We offer a 50% early-reservation discount once a year, which many exhibitors take advantage of. We believe in the value each vendor receives by participating in our events.

The piped and draped booth is 8’ deep x 8’wide. You will receive a covered/skirted table, and two chairs. 

Yes, rest assured we want your day to start out as stress-free as possible.

Yes, you may sell product. If it is a food item, only prepackaged food may be sold; however, you may give out free samples.

Sure! Be a sponsor (a variety of levels to choose from), offer a health screening, or give away a door prize! All are highlighted on the event website and in the guide. Sponsors receive many benefits prior to the event, during the event, and post event and are easily distinguishable by their larger booth size. Blue balloons draw attention to the booths of vendors who are providing health screenings.

Make sure the person staffing the booth is engaging. Sitting and texting or talking on the phone signals to passersby that they aren’t important. Do something interactive so that guests want to stop and chat. We can help you with that if you need ideas. Move your table to the back or side, making your area more inviting. Be positive, upbeat, and engage the crowd … don’t wait for them to approach you!

When you leave that day, you won’t yet know your ROI. Even if you’re a retail person, follow-up is important for more sales. The fortune is in the follow-up. Collect leads and turn leads into new business after the event.

Face-to-face events should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Just like John Wanamaker said, “50 percent of advertising is a waste of money. The problem is, you don’t know which half!” The point is, all of your advertising/ marketing works together. It’s all part of your branding process.

Staff your booth in shifts; that way, nobody is out of the office all day. The important thing is that the staff person/s are engaged and want to be there. Otherwise, they won’t make a good representative for your company.

Sometimes you want to try something new, but “out of sight, out of mind.” Also, although there are repeat visitors, new guests attend every year. And just like not everyone’s roof needs to be replaced at the same time, each person’s needs change over the years. So what someone didn’t need or wasn’t interested in last year might be on their agenda this time around.

What was your game plan on capturing leads that day? Did you offer a screening or door prize? Not every person you meet that day is ready or in need of your product or service. But seeing you year after year will bring more awareness and even build a relationship: They feel like they know you now that they’ve seen you a number of times. Follow-up is still key, but you’re the name they now recognize.

Sponsors receive many benefits prior to, at the event, and even afterward. The greatest benefit is being part of our entire expo marketing plan. Plus, the sponsor guest check is a great way to ensure the majority of people will stop and talk with you. Ask us about the guest check!

Yes, depending on how much added exposure you want to receive, we have a variety of sponsorship levels to accommodate you. We would also be glad to work on creating something especially designed for you!

Yes, we offer a limited number of seminar sponsorships, which include stage time.

As a matter of privacy, we keep that list in-house. There are about 60-90+ exhibitors at each of our events, and you can likely appreciate how annoyed you’d be if even half of them called you. We do encourage you to capture contact info for future follow-ups with people who speak with at the event.

With the help of the event guide, attendees are prepared to spend the day looking for you to know more about what you have to offer. Every effort is made to keep like businesses separated, so you’re not next to or across from a competitor.

Attendance varies by show, but it is generally between 600 and 1,000 attendees.

Final details are emailed to all exhibitors prior to the event and include information such as setup time, booth number, and other important details.

Marketing of the events incorporates various media platforms, including local radio stations, TV, press releases, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, billboards, yard signs, e-marketing, promotion through our publications, and more.

Event Partner is the only sponsorship that is guaranteed exclusivity. However, we make every effort to have brand name exclusivity – e.g., Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Prudential, etc.

That happens, but this event can really help to bring in new clients and can make your company name recognizable in the community. You should think about making some funds available for this excellent marketing opportunity. You have the chance to get in front of 600–1,000 guests with face-to-face interaction. That’s a great way to begin a relationship, and then with your post-event follow-ups, you can build on that relationship.

Yes! You could place an ad in the event guide instead so you have a presence, even if you aren’t there.